Student projects

2016 “Stories from Cuba” students exit the offices of Granma, the official news organization of the Communist Party, after an extraordinary two-hour meeting.

With more than two decades as a Miami  University journalism prof, I’ve led a large number of student projects. Sometimes, we create work that lives elsewhere. Sometimes, I add projects here. Here are some recent ones, in reverse chronological order.

I’ve hosted ambitious high-schoolers on campus each summer since 2014 for a two-week Summer Scholars session. The students — ones considering Miami for some field of media studies — create journalism related to their Media Matters curriculum on individual pages. Open the year to read their work: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

In fall 2016 and 2017, Miami students filled the first academic site in the country in courses I co-taught with journalist Chris Graves.

In the summer of  of 2016, Miami students in Stories from Cuba, a summer course I co-taught with Miami colleague Joe Sampson, completed reporting projects and blog entries from their week in Havana.

Students in a fall 2016 capstone class called Dayton Peace Accords @ 20: Stories of War & Peace created content for a web site supporting a fall DPA@20 conference at Miami.

In spring 2015, students in Opinion in the News analyzed Ohio’s death penalty as their final class project.

In fall 2014, students in Reporting on Business completed stories about some aspects of Miami’s financial life.

In spring 2014, students in The Journalism of Freedom Summer contributed their work to a class website.

In spring 2012, students in Investigative Reporting reported on Ohio’s death penalty.



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