My work

As a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor from 1979 until 1994 — and an occasional freelancer since then — I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of articles. Maybe 3,000? 4,000? Wish I’d kept better records.

Here is some more recent work. (Most of the older stuff worth reading is buried in boxes and file cabinets ….who knows where.)

ArtWorks mural
ArtWorks’ 200th mural sits at 235 W. Court St. in downtown Cincinnati.Profiled five formerly incarcerated women (known as “returning citizens”) depicted on a Cincinnati ArtWorks mural for a May 2021 feature for Cincinnati magazine.
  • Shared the view out my window during COVID-19 lockdown in this December 2020 Cincinnati Enquirer guest column.
  • Explored the pressures facing local news organizations after a summer of COVID-19 and #BLM news in this October 2020 Cincinnati magazine story.
  • Celebrated “Fellows of the Society” in the fall 2020 issue of the Society of Professional Journalist’s Quill magazine, with the final of four columns I wrote as the 2019-20 national president of SPJ.
  • Affirmed journalism as a great career choice for the summer 2020 issue of SPJ’s Quill magazine.
  • Explored the harm caused by the slam that journalists produce “fake news” in the spring 2020 issue of Quill.
  • Commended journalists for their top-notch coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in a guest column in the Cincinnati Enquirer, March 27, 2020.
  • Looked into the the role of women in SPJ for the winter 2019 issue of Quill.
  • Provided regular SPJ reports to members on the SPJ Freedom of the Prez blog site throughout 2019-20.
Quill 2018
Loved the opportunity to write about the criminal justice system.
  • Penned a piece about Jailhouse Journalism  for the winter 2018 issue of  Quill.
  • Offered my take on the slaughter of five newsroom employees in Annapolis, Maryland, in the July 1, 2018, Cincinnati Enquirer. 
  • Ate and drank my way through Pleasant Ridge for a two-page “Intersections” spread in the June 2018 Cincinnati magazine.
  • Featured women-helping-women Norwood-style, for a second June 2018 Cincinnati magazine piece.
  • Happy to celebrate community theater in a May 2017 op-ed in The Cincinnati Enquirer, as my own theater group pulled the curtain for the last time.
  • In a March 2017 op-ed piece in The Cincinnati Enquirer, I called for an end to Green Beer Day at Miami University. It didn’t take hold — but did spark some good conversation.
  • A 2016 Fourth of July rumination in the Cincinnati Enquirer that leaned heavily on “Stories from Cuba,” a travel class I co-taught in June 2016. I also joined students in blogging about the trip, with a “Humans of Havana” photo-heavy entry.
  • A Q&A with Walter “Robby” Robinson of The Boston Globe, compiled from his day at Miami University talking about the film “Spotlight” and published in the March/April 2016 issue of Quill magazine.
  • A profile for Cincinnati magazine of Church of Resurrection, a Cincinnati Catholic church created in 2010 from the merger of four largely African-American parishes, April 2016.
  • Reports from NYC Media, a travel class I launched in winter term 2014.
  • Dayton City Paper article on the Dayton Peace Accords @ 20 events, related to a fall 2015 class I co-taught.
  • Cincinnati Enquirer guest column about my inaugural trip to Cuba, July 2015: Fascinating & frustrating. 
  • nativityquilt 008
    School uniform scraps serve as quilt borders.


    Cincinnati Enquirer guest column about a special gift, December 2014: ChristmasQuilt.

  • Letter to The Miami Student, related to Freedom Summer, October 2014: letter to editor.
  • Commentary on journalism issues and business of The Society of Professional Journalists, on whose board I sit: 4th Estate.
  • Cincinnati magazine story about economic recovery efforts of Wilmington, Ohio, fall 2013: Down Town Nov 2013
  • Cincinnati Enquirer guest opinion about murder, fall 2013: Newberry_on_murder f13
  • Cincinnati Enquirer guest opinion about death of a source, fall 2013: Kagler column.
  • Dead_End
    Sr. Alice Gerdeman is a leading opponent of Ohio’s death penalty.


    Cincinnati magazine profile of anti-death penalty nun, fall of 2011: Sr_Alice_Profile.

  • Cincinnati magazine story about local couple’s adoption of Haitian children, fall 2010: Pramuk profile fall 2010
  • Cincy magazine profile of writer Jane Heimlich, summer 2010: Heimlich profile
  • Cincy magazine profile of Cincinnati-based Hebrew Union College, December 2010-January 2011: HUC profile.
  • Cincinnati magazine story about local school efforts to rehire fired school grade principal, December 2004: Nativity- Taking Sides.

Here are a few selections from Married with Children, a column I wrote for the Cincinnati Enquirer from 1996 to 2005:

Here is the latest version of my resume.

Here is my curriculum vitae: CV PGN 2013


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